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When you give to ASU during Mark It Day, you:

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Markie is back

Markie is the walking embodiment of philanthropy at ASU. More than just your average map marker, Markie stands proudly over all the places at Arizona State University where philanthropy made a mark. His story winds all through the history of ASU. It was Markie who was called upon in 1885 to indicate the spot on the map where ASU would go; on 20 acres of donated land that would grow into one of America’s great universities.

128 years later, Markie is still on the job. Anywhere Sun Devil pride and philanthropy come together, you’ll find Markie. And on March 7, you can partner with Markie to make your mark at ASU.

Markie the Sunspot

“I made my first mark on Mark It Day last year! As a senior working at Barrett, I've seen just what it takes to make our dreams come true. Making a mark seemed like the smartest thing to do because I know what it meant to me to be able to experience all I have at ASU, and I wanted to make sure future students could too!”
— Sonal Patel

Markie through the ages

Tempe 1885

The flame of a kerosene lamp sputtered in the drafty kitchen at the back of a private Arizona home. A tattered map was rolled out on the table under its wavering light. John Armstrong, democratic representative to the Thirteenth Arizona legislature, visionary chair of the House Education Committee, reached across the table, snatched up a common map marker and slapped it decisively down. “There! It will go there!"

The year was 1885, and the moment was when unassuming, unsuspecting Markie put his mark on the future location of Arizona State University, and on his first place in history.

From Markie's journal, 1885:
These Tempe folks are so philanthropic — let the future of American higher education begin!

Roosevelt at ASU 1911

Former President Teddy Roosevelt speaks to the students of Tempe Normal School from the steps of Old Main, predicting the population of the Valley will continue to grow.

He thinks we'll have 75 to 100 thousand people someday? Perhaps President Roosevelt should wear a hat in the sun.

N Mountain

Tempe Normal School class of 1918 installs a giant letter “N” on Tempe Butte, adjacent to campus.

An inspiring tribute that will last for generations!

T Mountain 1925

With a change of the school’s name to Tempe State Teachers College, the “N” on Tempe Butte is altered to become a “T.”

Now THIS is CERTAINLY an inspiring tribute for the ages!

A Mountain

With a change of the school’s name to Arizona State Teachers College, the “T” on Tempe Butte is altered to become a “A.”

Now THIS inspiring tribute is certain to last “A” while!


Governor Sidney Osborn signs a bill renaming Tempe Normal School “Arizona State College at Tempe.”

Never again will we be a “Normal School”!

General Electric 1956

General Electric supports Arizona State College offering engineering degrees. University of Arizona supporters protest.

Now THAT’S a bright idea!

Protest 1958

A name change from Arizona State College to Tempe University draws protests from students who join Arizona voters to confirm a new name for ASC — Arizona State University

I never thought I would be a protest marker...I mean, marcher.

Hayden 1966

Hayden library is built.

I’ve always wanted to be a bookmarkie!

Cronkite with students

The veteran journalist and CBS anchorman lends his name to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication.

And that’s the way it was...

Cronkite with students

ASU Sun Devil Football triumphs in their first appearance at the Rose Bowl, defeating the No. 6-ranked Michigan Wolverines 22–15.

I named quarterback Jeff Van Raaphorst the MMVP: Markie’s Most Valuable Player.

Michael Crow

ASU President Michael M. Crow establishes ASU as A New American University.

What a team — Michael and Markie!

ASU School of Sustainability

ASU’s School of Sustainability, the first of its kind in the world, opens.

I support sustainability. I want to be around ANOTHER 122 years!

Mark It Day 2013

Mark It Day at ASU debuts in March, with nearly 1,000 Sun Devil supporters raising $171,000 in 37 hours, an ASU record for single-event fundraising.

I knew I had lots of friends, but look at that! They’re all over the map!

Mark It Day 2013 united nearly 1,000 donors (27 percent of them making their very first gifts to ASU) and set an ASU record for single-event fundraising: $170,907.77. And even as we get set for Mark It Day 2014, last year’s gifts are hard at work making a difference for students and programs on all four ASU campuses.

Let’s do it again!

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